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Challenge - Finding a Small Office in an A Class Building? Can you help identify any Good Building?

If you are a small team, but looking for a quality small office in an A Class Building, at a prime location, then read on...

Finding a quality small office is a bit of a concern, considering that most of the developers build and sell larger commercial spaces to be leased out to large corporates. Even if you do find small office spaces, you will realize that the building quality is not up to the mark. This has been a consistent problem with small organizations or start ups looking for small functional offices in quality environment. If you too have been trying to find an office that is small, doesn't cost too much to rent, is located in an A Class building and is well located within Gurgaon. Then this should be interesting for you.

Emaar's new commercial on the Golf Course Extn. Road offers small office spaces starting from 450 sq.ft. (Double Height) and 500 sq.ft. (Normal Height) office spaces that can host your team. While the double height office spaces can be developed either with high ceilings to create a more spacious look and feel or a mezzanine floor can be organized to help increase the efficiency by almost 30 to 40%. On the other hand, if you are looking to seat about 4 people with One or two cabins, then the 500 sq.ft. of normal height office space is what will work best for you. The rentals are also affordable. The building is Centrally Air Conditioned with excellent connectivity located right on the main golf course extension road.

In case you know of any A Class building with small offices, please share in comments...

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Nov 02, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


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