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Advantage - Small Office Spaces

As an investor one is always looking for assets that are bullet proof from the various ups and downs of the market. While anyone who is investing is looking to gain from the investments, however, first and foremost priority is to make sure that the asset is insulated from market movements and the capital deployed is safe. After all it is hard earned money for everyone.

While there are obvious inherent advantages of small investments at any given point in time, considering that you are only leveraging a small part of your wealth, given the current overall global scenario, I evaluated two scenarios with respect specifically "Small Office Spaces", considering that I am also invested in such an asset at the moment. While it is difficult to predict anything in current times of uncertainty. There are a couple of scenarios things that I did carefully analysed and thought I will share them with you.

Scenario 1: Every thing is Gung-Ho:

I analysed this scenario with respect to Small Office Spaces. So, In case everything is good and the market is buyout, in such a case, we are looking forward to a continued interest in new start-ups or new ventures, which means that these entities would need small offices to start as incubation set-ups and either grow from there to larger spaces if they do well or continue in the small office space if they take longer gestation for growth. In this case, the demand for small office spaces will definitely be high and therefore the asset would churn out good rentals and increase in capital valuations.

Scenario 2: Global Recession:

I also looked at this scenario and logically speaking, if we were to be hit by a recession in India, chances are that companies will look at down-sizing. This again will benefit the small office spaces and increase demand for such spaces. There may be downsizing in all respects starting form layoffs and then the cost cutting and therefore bringing down the real estate costs would be imperative for any organization in a scenario like this. Small Office Spaces would be a beneficiary in this scenario as well.


After looking at both prospective scenarios in which the economy could move, I am sure you would agree based on the above logic that small investments in small office space will stand the test of time. I have come to a conclusion that Small Office Spaces are more insulated than larger investments and will definitely sail through better in either scenarios.

Emaar Colonnade is a unique proposition for such Small Office Space investments. The spaces start at 450 sq.ft. (Double Height) to multiple sizes like 700 sq.ft, 900 sq.ft., 1200 sq.ft., 1500 sq.ft., 1800 sq.ft. and larger spaces like 3200 sq.ft. to complete floor plates of 11,000 sq.ft. to 13,000 sq.ft.


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Mar 26, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Yes, i have also invested in this. I do believe that the demand for small office spaces is always robust


Mar 26, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Makes total sense. I would agree with Harpreet

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