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What ROI to Expect? How to increase your asset value at Emaar Colonnade

The interesting fact about commercial office spaces is that it not only gives you a capital appreciation, but also offers a great ROI on investment as a rental income. Typically, an asset acquired at the right price points should fetch a rental yield of about 7.5% to 9% on a commercial office space in Gurgaon.

The interesting thing is that when you acquire a property in a new commercial building, you would acquire at the initial price offering and through the journey of the building, there will be many trigger points to watch out for your exit strategy. Some of the key triggers one can consider are the following:

  1. Infrastructural Changes in the Vicinity: When you are planning to acquire a real estate asset, it is important to look at investments from a point of view of "What Can Be" rather than "What Is". What I mean by this is that you should be looking for opportunities that have some kind of trigger point in the future bases on positive Infrastructural changes planned in the future. This will add value to your acquired asset and the Capital Value will increase as and when there is a milestone achieved on the proposed Infrastructural changes.

  2. Traction for Rentals by Companies & Organizations: This is an important milestone in the life journey of a commercial building when it comes to increase in value. As and when, a large corporation or a large enterprise acquires a space in a commercial building, the value changes. The reason is that large firms do their due diligence from the perspective of both legal as well as feasibility, once they take a decision to move ahead with renting a space in a particular building, the way is cleared for other large organizations as well as smaller organizations to start acquiring spaces based on the decision of the first trail blazers.

  3. Overall Development of the Surrounding Areas: Commercial buildings need a lot of supporting residential developments around. After all, it is people who are going to be working and they need quality homes nearby. It is important that one acquires a commercial space that is well inhabited and has quality housing in and around the immediate vicinity. This obviously helps in decision making for corporations of all sizes. Even if the space is to be used by a small enterprise, the boss would like his home to be as close as possible to the office.

Emaar Colonnade Context

If we evaluate Emaar Colonnade in context to the above 3 pointers, it is easy to see that all the three factors are in sync. The GCER (Golf Course Extn. Road) has a couple of important milestone trigger points like widening of the road & proposed metro connectivity. On the other hand, there is interest already under negotiations with multiple large organizations to acquire office space at Emaar Colonnade. The building is in sector 62, which is a sector surrounded by High Quality Residential complexes like Emaar Marbella, M3M Golf Estate etc. and other important commercial buildings like Emaar Digital Greens, M3M international Financial Centre and the likes.

If you are able to acquire an office space at Emaar Colonnade at the current pre-launch prices, it is possible to achieve an ROI of about 30% in the next 6 months to 1 year on your investment. The Current price is attractive enough to deliver a reasonable return on investment both in terms of capital appreciation as well as rental yield.

Around the vicinity, other office spaces which have been rented already are hovering at about 20 to 30% higher than Emaar Colonnade on the Golf Course Extn. Road. This means that if you can achieve an ROI of about 20 to 30% just without doing anything in due course of time. However, there are ways to increase this ROI by working with us by to add value to your asset at Emaar Colonnade.

Our team works on helping your acquire the property at Emaar Colonnade, then furnish it to specs that the property becomes easily leased and then help you capitalize it by selling it to an investor with an ROI of about 30% capital appreciation. The advantage of working with us is that you get a one stop solution end to end.

When it comes to adding value and selling, one should ideally be looking to furnish the space and then and the lease it out to achieve two important goals:

  1. Create a Rental Income: One good thing about commercial office space in Gurgaon is that one can easily create a rental income with a yield of about 8 to 9 %. with a potential upside on capital valuations. So unlike keeping the money in a fixed deposit.

  2. Increase Property Valuations: The best part is that once your asset is leased out, there are buyers ready to acquire it at a 6% ROI, which means that you get a capital appreciation the moment your property is leased out to a quality entity. (The difference between (9% and 6%).

We look forward to discuss this great investment opportunity of current times with you.

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Apr 28, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Emaar Colonnade seems like a great building at a fantastic location. The finish of lobbies etc is very nicely done.

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