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Why your office at Emaar Colonnade?

To answer this question, lets delve into the key factors defining an Ideal Space for having one's office. Over the years of practice, I have come to realize that there are 9 important factors that any organization thinks through before finalizing an office space purchase or lease. Here they are:

  1. Location - When it comes to finding an ideal office space, Location of course comes in as the first and foremost criteria to consider. Emaar Colonnade in this respect is very well placed as it is located right on the main Golf Course Extn. Road offering easy accessibility to both employees and clients.

  2. Quality of Building - The Second most important factor is the Quality of Building. You may be located in one of the most sought after area but in a bad building, that would be a problem. Emaar Colonnade is a premium building developed by Emaar India offering premium offices.

  3. Address - The neighbourhood and the vicinity is another factor for client's recognition and ease to reach. Emaar Colonnade is right next to IFC (International Financial Centre) on the main Golf Course Extn. Road, which is becoming the new hot spot of the city.

  4. Efficiency - Efficient layouts and floor plans are extremely important to keep the costs per seat in check. At Emaar Colonnade, the super area vs the usable area ratio is well within the acceptable standards in the commercial real estate market.

  5. Facilities - The facilities offered within the building like ample number of elevators to reduce waiting time or power back up and proper air conditioning etc. are some of the key factors that are a must. At Emaar Colonnade, these are well taken care of with 4 High Speed Elevators servicing the Office Block.

  6. Commutability - Commutability for both employees and workers as well as for clients visiting your office is an important aspect. Being on the main Golf Course Extn. Road, Emaar Colonnade offers an easy commute to and from the downtown of Gurgaon as well as from Delhi.

  7. Affordability - Affordability definitely comes into play for any organization. Emaar Colonnade prices and expected rentals are likely to be well within the competitive space as compared to other buildings in the vicinity.

  8. Parking Space - Ample parking for employees as well as for guests is a key factor to consider while signing up for an office space. At Emaar Colonnade, there are 4 levels of basements. 2 of which are totally dedicated to Office Block and the rest remain as floating inventory.

  9. Convenience - Convenience of having eateries and other conveniences within the building offer a great benefit for employees and for ordering in for guests. Emaar Colonnade has 3 floors dedicated to retail and eateries which is definitely a plus point when it comes to starting your office here. Apart from this, there are multiple good quality eateries are a walking distance from Emaar Colonnade.


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